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Eternal Vacancy Of The Cobwebbed Head

Ramblings of a Classical Variety

2 November 1985
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I'm the daytime dreamer and all-night sleeper, wannabe writer and gonnabe filmmaker. The nerd lost from the herd and bird is the word.

Hey, if you want to learn just a little more about the bore that is me, and without the very bad Allen Ginsburg imitation, go to my other page. That's right, I still use MySpace. Why, don't you? What's wrong with it nowadays that wasn't wrong five years ago, aside from Rupert Murdoch?
akira kurosawa, american civil war, amusement parks, angry video game nerd, annexation, aqua teen hunger force, archaeology, astroworld, atheism, basketball, batman, bauhaus, beck, benadryl, beulah, biking, bjork, blu ray, bocci, bowling, bozo, buffalo wild wings, busch gardens, calvin and hobbes, cats, coca-cola, computers, continental club, converse all-stars, criminology, daffy duck, depeche mode, dick tracy, dinosaurs, dvds, edith wharton, england, english literature, entymology, exquisite corpse, film criticism, film noir, film projection, filmmaking, final cut pro, flashlights, folding, fountains of wayne, galaga, graphic design, harpsichords, harry nilsson, harry potter, history, home movies, html, iced tea, itunes, james finn garner, judice inn, keyboards, krispy kreme, leonard cohen, lord of the rings, macintosh, mini golf, movies, mp3s, music, mystery science theater 3000, nacogdoches, neo noir, nintendo, numbers nightclub, octopus, of montreal, okra, penguins, photography, photoshop, pirates, platypuses, presidents, railroads, ray lynch, reading, ren and stimpy, robert asprin, roller coasters, samoyeds, schlotzsky's deli, six flags, spanish, stanley kubrick, star trek, star wars, suishi, super nintendo, swimming, talking heads, thatguywiththeglasses.com, the beatles, the judy's, the killers, the magnetic fields, the office, the pixies, the queen mary, theme parks, they might be giants, tommy guns, travel, tutankhamun, vanilla coke, videogames, vitamin water, weightlifting, werner herzog, zippo lighters